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Danish Wedding by ABC Travel Service



by train

The most pleasant and relaxing journey to your wedding is by train, without stress of the road or the weather conditions ahead. There are countless options for you to pass the journey in the way that suits you best. Deutsche Bahn doesn't just take you to your final destination but also offers you comprehensive services at the station and on the train.The train will depart from your nearest train station approximately 20:00hrs.Your arrival will be approximately around 08:00 hrs depending on the location. When you arrive you will be stress free and well rested. You can also book a sleeper cabin for the night-train for a special price. The sleeper cabin allows you to arrive well rested and relaxed to your wedding. Get more information here.


by car

Take the journey with your own car, you will get an exact route map with your travel documents. The time for travelling is approximately 10 hrs depending on the location and the traffic. We recommend starting in the evening on your way to Denmark because in the morning of your arrival you’ll have to register personally at the Danish City Hall. For our regular wedding packages, we offer special rates for rental cars.


by plane

The flying time to Denmark is approx. 2 hours and you just need to be 45 minutes before departure at the check-in desk in order to be accepted for the flight. We would like to work out an exact flight schedule for you. The Airlines that we work with can offer you low prices, free choice of legroom, flexibility for all tickets as well as many direct routes from Copenhagen and Billund. Please ask our specialists and you will get the detailed information.

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