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Danish Wedding by ABC Travel Service

Rules & Regulations

We have done everything we can to ensure this information is accurate, but information and prices may be amended because of changes made by suppliers after printing, or because of human error. Once you have made a booking we will not increase the price of your holiday because of currency fluctuations, but we do reserve the right to increase or reduce prices before you make your booking. Please check all details with us before you book.

• Return Travel from your departure point to your arrival point.
• All obligatory air, rail and ferry taxes known at the time of printing.
• Accommodation as detailed on your confirmation.
• Breakfast Buffet each morning (unless otherwise stated in the hotel description).
• All obligatory Service charges & VAT where applicable.

• Travel supplements for alternative airports, stations & ferry ports: these are clearly shown in each case.
• Hotel supplements: i.e for a single room, for staying more than 3 days, for additional room facilities (i.e sea or fjord view, air-conditioning etc), or peak period supplements (i.e trade fairs, carnivals etc). If these apply, the amount is quoted in the price panel or hotel description.
• Expenses incurred at your hotel, including (but not only) use of minibar, safety deposit box, external phone calls, room Service, meals, car parking etc.
• Representative Service.
• Items of personal expenditure.
• Personal holiday insurance.
• Any items not mentioned in ‘Included in the price of your holiday’

Your tickets and Travel Pack will normally be dispatched 2-3 days prior to your departure date.

Flights: Flights are based on the scheduled services of: Maersk Air. The name of the airlines and approximate flight timings are shown on your itinerary. These are given in good faith based on proposed schedules. However, in the event of subsequent alteration or re-scheduling (subject to section 10 of the Booking Conditions), please note that you cannot cancel your booking without incurring cancellation charges as detailed in the Booking Conditions. We cannot tell you on this website which aircraft you will travel on, but will do so at the time of booking if requested.
Rail & Own Car Travel is based on the scheduled services of German, Danish Railways, according to destination. Be aware penalties apply if you change or cancel. Delays & re-scheduling We have no control in the event of transport delays or re-scheduling. For that reason, the provision of meals or overnight accommodation is entirely at the discretion of the carrier. Baggage allowance Air 1 suitcase, not to exceed 20kgs in weight + 1 piece of hand luggage per person, (except infants under 2 years who do not have a separate allowance). Coach & train 2 medium suitcases plus hand luggage.

Where time zones (GMT+/-) are shown, these are the time differences which prevail for the major part of the calendar year.

We describe the hotels as fairly and accurately as possible. Even so, hoteliers can withdraw or change facilities and services after we have writen this website. We expect hoteliers to tell us about significant changes and, if possible, we will tell you before your travel. The photographs we use are to give you a general impression of typical rooms, but refurbishment policies vary and while in some hotels the decor is uniform, in others variations can occur from room to room. Classification The ratings shown are based on the latest official lists, though grading can vary in standard from one country to another. In some cases we change the rating to more accurately reflect our opinion of the hotel’s standard; where we have done this, we also state the official category. We added the term ‘superior’ where we feel standards are above average for that rating. Hotels/countries which do not have official classifications have been noted and have been classified by ABC Travel and given an appropriate ‘program rating’. We have also added the term ‘First Class’ to some 4-star hotels if we feel the standard is that of a luxury hotel and/or the hotel has chosen to forego the category for fiscal reasons. Rooms & Facilities Some 2- or 3-star hotels (particularly in city centres), have much smaller bedrooms than you may be used to in summer holiday resorts. Public facilities, i.e bars and restaurants, may only open if there is sufficient demand, particularly in low season. Hotels may have to redecorate or refurbish when you are visiting, which may mean the temporary closure of public rooms or facilities. If a room is described as having a specific outlook, i.e sea view, lake view etc, this means a view may be obtained from them - sometimes only laterally from the window or balcony - and does not imply that such rooms face the sea or lake etc. Check-in/Check-out To cover incidental expenses during your stay, most hotels will debit your credit card (refundable on check-out) or ask for a cash deposit if you do not have one; please take this into account when planning your holiday finances. Normal International practice applies - Check In to your room after 2.00 pm. On the day of departure,Check Out of your room - before noon, but most hotels will store baggage until departure. Twin & double rooms Hotels may have both twin and double rooms. A double bed may consist of twins pushed or joined together. If you express a preference, we will pass this request to the hotel, but even if we name a specific room type in good faith on your confirmation, this may not be available upon arrival at the hotel. Single rooms Older, more traditional hotels may have specific single rooms and these are likely to be small. On the other hand, many hotels allocate a twin or double for use as a ‘single’ room. In both cases, because the price of our packages is based on two people sharing, a single room supplement is payable, and this information will be received on a request. Babies’ cots Most hotels can provide a cot (though not usually linen) for children under 2 years, but you must request one in advance: sometimes a charge is payable direct, as it is for food. Meals All hotels provide continental breakfast buffet, unless stated otherwise in the individual hotel description. If we say a hotel offers buffet breakfast, the food may be cold or hot. If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know so that we can tell the hotel before your travel, but note we cannot guarantee that the hotel can satisfy your request. Car Parking You should check the cost of the hotel car park when you book. Some hotels have a limited number of spaces and it may be necessary to pre-book parking. Parking is at your own risk: neither the property nor ABC Travel accepts responsibility for loss/damage. Swimming Pools Any dates shown for the availability of pools are given in good faith based on information provided by the hotelier. We expect suppliers to tell us of any changes to this and, if possible, we will inform you before you travel. The opening of the pool is entirely at the discretion of the manager and is subject to demand and/or weather conditions.
Special Requests If you have any special requests please tell us when you book. We will pass on your requests, but we cannot guarantee them. In some cases the hotel may make an extra charge. Excursions A minimum number of people is usually needed to make an excursion viable and we cannot guarantee its operation. Our agent will tell you if an excursion is cancelled for this (or any other) reason, in which case we will refund the excursion price, as long as you return the unused voucher to us.

We will not refund any meals you do not eat if these are included in the holiday price. Refunds on travel tickets, hotel vouchers or additional services such as excursions are made only if and when we have received a credit from the supplier concerned.

We inspect dozens of hotels for every one we finally select. Each offers the best combination of character, quality, value and safety that we can find. However, few countries have safety or health standards as stringent as GERMANY and so, although all hotels comply with national and/or local Fire and Health & Safety laws, those laws may fall short of GERMANY ones. On arrival you should familiarise yourself with the layout and emergency escape routes. If you have any questions about safety at your hotel, our staff will be pleased to help you. Exercise caution when eating & drinking: your system is easily upset by unfamiliar food/water. Although you are on holiday, your chosen destination is not: normal life continues and this may include the noise and inconvenience of traffic (above and underground), building or roadwork. Hotels often hold conferences and other guests may enjoy themselves more loudly than you would like. Maintenance work at your hotel may be necessary and although hoteliers try to minimise disruption and we try to tell you about it in advance (if we know about it), sometimes this is not possible. Public services and facilities may also be affected by seasonality, maintenance, bad weather or public demand, all of which are beyond our control. We recommend you contact the National Tourist Information Offices for the latest details.

Any information about the dates of public holidays or special events is given in good faith. If dates or other details change or are found to be wrong, we will do our best to help you change your holiday, subject to normal administration and cancellation charges, but we cannot be held responsible for any extra costs incurred. Banks, shops, restaurants and tourist attractions may close for public holidays. Please note hotels may organise Gala Dinners at Christmas, New Year etc and these may be expensive. Hotel facilities & services may be curtailed at these times. We are happy to tell you more when you book. holiday, you should contact ABC Travel in GERMANY: full details of our emergency cover service are supplied with your holiday documentation.

A Passport is required for all Wedding Packages and it is a requirement of some countries that passports have a minimum length of validity beyond your arrival date. Please, ask for details. Holders of Passports from Non-European countries should check with the relevant Consulate whether they require any special permits or visas for Denmark or countries they are passing through. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further information on visas and entry requirements. It is your responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport/visa for any country you intend to visit. We cannot accept liability, or consider refunds for clients who cannot travel because of insufficient or incorrect documentation. If you are military and don’t have a Passport, you need your ID Military Card and a Leave Form.


We reserve the right to make changes to the details contained in this website before a contract is entered into. Any such changes will be communicated to you (via your travel agent if appropriate) before a binding contract is concluded.

ABC is a bonded Tour Operator and the packages in our website meet with the requirements of the Association of German Travel Agents. ABC will ensure that you are not stranded abroad and will arrange to refund any money you have paid to us for an advance booking. Protection extends primarily to customers who book and pay in Germany.

All prices are in EUR -€ per person and are based on two people sharing a twin or double room and a train departure from Mannheim. Prices shown in this website are based on exchange rates as shown in the website from which you book and they are subject to availability.

We require your reservation to be booked more than 3 weeks before your departure date. You will have to pay a non-refundable deposit of € 105,00, when you book. You must then pay for the rest of your holiday at least one week before your scheduled departure date. If you do not, we have the right to treat your package as if you had cancelled it and apply the cancellation charges set out in paragraph 6 below. If you book your holiday within 2 weeks of your departure date, you must pay the whole cost when you book.

We will do our best to help you if you want to change anything to do with your holiday after you have booked and we have given your
Confirmation, subject to accommodation and travel availability. An administration fee for each person on the booking form will always apply,
except when the change is made within 2 weeks of your departure date, when we may charge you anything between € 105 and the total holiday cost, depending on the circumstances at the time of your request. Additional note for holidays by air: Changing the name of a flight reservation is not always possible or permitted by the airline. If you want to change the name after the ticket has been issued, airline rules mean we must cancel the original ticket and buy a new one and you will be required to pay the full flight cost again. Please note airline systems make it impossible to simply transfer a seat to another person, so we may not be able to make the change you want.

To cancel your holiday, the person who made the booking (or the agent if the holiday was booked via a Travel agency) must write to us. We will cancel your holiday on the day we receive your letter. To cover our administration costs in cancelling the holiday, we will ask you to pay cancellation charges as set out below.

21-15 days 30 % or deposit if greater
14-7 days 50 % or deposit if greater
6-0 days Full cost of holiday

We insist that you take out suitable insurance cover before you travel. If you choose to arrange your own insurance, your policy must provide at least the same benefits as our scheme.

It is unlikely that we will have to make any change to your holiday. However, we plan arrangements months in advance, so we sometimes need to make changes. We have the right to do this at any time. Most changes are minor, for example, if we can no longer offer a facility, or if we have to change your hotel to another one of the same category, the withdrawal of a swimming pool if one was advertised, a change of routing/carrier or a change to/cancellation of an event (eg. city tour) at your destination. We will let you or your travel agent know about this kind of change as soon as possible. We will not pay any compensation for minor changes. We may also make a significant change to the package before you go. A significant change such as: a change of resort area; a change of departure or return airport or port (this does not apply to airports within the same city); a change of accommodation if the new accommodation is in a lower category. If we make a significant change, we will tell you or your travel agent immediately and will offer you the following choice:

• accepting a different holiday of a similar standard (if one is available);
• booking another holiday with us - if it is more expensive you will have to pay the difference but if it is cheaper we will Refund the difference to you;
• cancelling your holiday and receiving a full Refund. We will also pay you compensation unless the change or cancellation is caused by circumstances which we or the suppliers of the service could not reasonably foresee or avoid, for example; war, threat of war, civil strife, industrial action, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, bad weather or technical difficulties with transport. In these circumstances we are not liable and we will not pay any resulting expenses or additional costs.

Important Note
• We will not pay any compensation for minor changes.
• We will not be responsible for any costs or expenses you have to pay as a result of any change.
• We will not pay you compensation if you have not paid the full amount for your booking eight weeks before your scheduled departure date.

Before you make your booking, we can increase or reduce website prices. When you have booked your holiday and paid your deposit, we will not ask you to pay any extra charges because the value of the Euro has changed. However, there may be extra charges for changes in German VAT, overseas taxes or the cost of transport, including the cost of fuel and other fees at airports, stations or ports. If these costs go up, we will cover the cost up to an amount which equals 2% of your package price. You will only have to pay the amount which is more than 2% of the holiday price. If this increases the price of your package by more than 10%, you will be able to cancel your holiday and claim a full Refund except for insurance premiums and amendment charges. If you decide to cancel because of this, you must do so within 14 days of the date printed on the confirmation we send you. In future, the Government or other regulatory body may introduce charges to provide extra financial protection for holiday bookings from this website. If they do, they will be shown as a separate item on your confirmation and we will not pay any part of these charges.

The names of the airlines, ferry and rail companies we expect to use are listed in the flight/ferry/rail supplement panels on the relevant
pages. If these details change we will try to tell you before you travel. If we reschedule your transport or make minor changes to,this will
not give you the right to cancel your booking without incurring our normal cancellation charges. When you travel with a carrier, their conditions of carriage will apply.

We are responsible for making sure the package which you book with us is supplied as described in this website and that the services offered reach a reasonable standard. We are also responsible for the actions and failures of our employees, agents, suppliers and subcontractors as
long as they were working for us at the time. If any part of your holiday is not as promised, and this stops you enjoying your holiday, we
will pay you appropriate compensation subject to section 9 and 10. However, we will not pay more than twice the cost of your holiday (not
including insurance premiums). Our responsibility for accommodation and air, sea and rail transport will be limited in accordance with the international convention which applies.

If you are not satisfied with the accommodation or any of the services we have agreed to provide, you must tell the owner or manager of the
property immediately. If they do not put things right and your enjoyment of your holiday is affected, you must report the matter to us or fax within 48 hours, so we can try to solve the problem whilst you are still in our accommodation. If you do not give us the chance to put things
right, we will not be responsible for the problem. Any complaints must be made in writing within 14 days of your return. Please provide your
original travel tickets. We will not be responsible for complaints made to us more than 14 days after your holiday, or if you have not followed the procedure set out above.

If someone in authority such as the captain or pilot believes that you are not fit to travel, he/she may refuse to allow you onto the aircraft, train or ship. This will normally happen if they think you are likely to disturb/harm other passengers. In this case, your contract with us will end immediately and we will no longer be responsible for you. Additionally, if your behaviour is such that the hotelier feels unable to accommodate you, you may be asked to leave the hotel. In this instance, no Refund for lost nights accommodation will be made and the cost of any other accommodation or travel expenses will be entirely your responsibility. We will also hold members of your party jointly and individually liable for any damage to the property, together with legal costs incurred in pursuing the claim. We cannot be held responsible for the actions or behaviour of other guests or individuals who have no connection with your holiday arrangements or with us.

Your contract with us is based on these booking conditions and all other information printed in this website (and/or brought to your
attention before you booked your holiday), which are governed by German law and German courts. All bookings are accepted by ABC Travel Service subject to these conditions and there are also separate conditions, bylaws and regulations which apply to the transport, accommodation, and other parts of the holiday. For more details of these please ask the companies responsible for providing those parts of your holiday.

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