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First Class Package
Number: RIB0501


This is Denmark's oldest and best preserved town, that offers its guests an unique atmosphere. There are very few places in Denmark where it is possible to see an entire medieval town centre with old half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets. Visiting this magnificent place gives you a chance to explore the virgin natural surroundings, flat salt meadows, picturesque riversides; to visit the many museums and churches and taste a delicious meal in one of the many restaurants and cafés.

Requirements and Wedding Day(s):

Wedding Day(s) : Thursday
Requirements: The couple has to be registered at the Wedding Office on Monday. If you would like to spend your honey moon night in Denmark you need to book an extra overnight.

Hotel Description:

Price per Person (€) DB Room
By Train 526
U-Drive 368
Extra Day 51
This is the oldest hotel in Denmark. The Hotel was built in 1581 and is located in the old part of the town. The hotel has 50 charming double rooms. Through out the years, restoration has been carried out. The textiles are all in warm and golden colours, and the walls are decorated with real paintings. The majority has low ceilings, windows with deep sills and sloping floors. The rooms are different in size and they are decorated individually.

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