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First Class Package
Number: HOR0301


This important industrial town lies on the north coast of Jutland on the shores of one of the loveliest fjords in Denmark. It is a town of opportunity, offering a wealth of activities and cultural attractions. The countryside is also unique; you can find a nature reserve with a beautiful lake and the two highest “mountains” in Denmark. The town has an exciting history that goes back to more than 1000 years and it’s well known as a “city of museums”.

Requirements and Wedding Day(s):

Wedding Day(s) : Thursday or Friday
Requirements: The couple needs to get registered at the wedding Office two days before the wedding date (either on Tuesday or Wednesday morning). At time of registration you need to pay the Wedding Fee of Dkr. 500,-

Hotel Description:

Price per Person (€) DB Room
By Train 496
U-Drive 308
Extra Day 62
This is a historical manor from 1775. The manor atmosphere is still alive in the elegant sitting rooms where the hotel restaurant is located. Our hotel is centrally located in a beautiful park with ample parking and only a 5 minute drive from the motorway. It is a mere 10 minute stroll through the park to the central train station.

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