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First Class Package
Number: HEA0201


The town is situated in western Denmark. This is a community in constant progress and with a high level of activities. Nature of Middle Jutland is wild and strong and there are many possibilities if you want to spend a day in an open countryside near the town. There is something for everybody's taste and preferences. It is a home to Messecenter, the largest exhibition centre in Scandinavia, which gives the town a reputation for its many trade fairs. The place is well known as a textile town, and for its conferences, culture and schools.

Requirements and Wedding Day(s):

Wedding Day(s) : Monday - Friday
Requirements: The couple needs to get registered at the wedding Office two working days before the wedding date. At time of registration you need to pay the Wedding Fee of Dkr. 500,-

Hotel Description:

Price per Person (€) DB Room
By Train 488
U-Drive 287
Extra Day 54
The hotel is located in the centre of the town, very close to the train station. When you arrive you will meet the hotel friendly staff ready to give you a professional welcome. They will do fast everything to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The rooms are bright and spacious. All rooms have private bath, TV, mini bar and trouser press the standard rooms have everything you need to feel at home. We recommend a visit to the cosy restaurant that offers an attractive selection of Danish dishes with an international touch.

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