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Danish Wedding by ABC Travel Service

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Superior Tourist Package
Number: SVE0901


This has always been a popular holiday destination, renowned for their scenery and maritime charm. No doubt, the colourful accounts of very special café, pub, and restaurant atmosphere have had a positive effect as well. It is all still there for everyone who appreciates beauty, quality and interesting surprises. The range of experiences is constantly increasing. Admittedly, the Danish climate can be both charming and unstable. This is all right, because otherwise one might miss some of the many indoor offers, the water world, the bowling centre, galleries, arts and crafts workshops, a variety of speciality shops, pleasant cafés, castles and manor houses, and traditional as well as newly opened museums.

Requirements and Wedding Day(s):

Wedding Day(s) : Monday - Friday
Requirements: The couple needs to get registered at the wedding Office two days before the wedding date (either on Tuesday or Wednesday morning). At time of registration you need to pay the Wedding Fee of Dkr. 500,-.

Hotel Description:

Price per Person (€) DB Room
By Train 566
U-Drive 377
Extra Day 84
The Hotel is situated in an idyllic skipper town well preserved half timbered houses and with easy access to historical sights. Cycle shed and 40 parking places. Dinner dance in connection with weekend stays on selected Saturdays. Double rooms are placed in the annex.

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