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Superior Tourist Package
Number: ODE0404


It’s the third largest city in Denmark and centrally situated on the island of Funen. This wonderful town offers to its visitors the best of both worlds - a busy social centre and some quiet areas for rest and leisure. Without a question, the proudest boast of this friendly city is that it is the birthplace of one of the world’s most famous story tellers. There are a few museums dedicated to the writer and Denmark’s most famous composer. Some art galleries containing a fine collection of Danish art are also worth visiting. Stroll down the narrow streets with their half-timbered houses, stopping off to browse in the antique shops scattered around or simply sit and watch life go by in that charming and intimate town.

Requirements and Wedding Day(s):

Wedding Day(s) : Will be set only on request.
Requirements: The City Hall (Kommune) at this location requires all original wedding paper work to be sent in advance. After receiving the approval of your documents you will get information about the exact time of your ceremony. For this location it's required a minimum stay of 5 overnights in Denmark.

Hotel Description:

Price per Person (€) DB Room
By Train 667
U-Drive 509
Extra Day 69
This is a totally modernized hotel with tradition and modern facilities. All rooms of 'deluxe standard'. It is located in the centre of the town with parking lots close by.

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