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If I am a non-EU passport holder do I need a visa for Denmark?
In most cases, yes. If you have any doubts concerning your necessity of issuing an entry visa for Denmark, don’t hesitate and call us. Be aware that if you cross the border illegally you will not get married.

Can we also receive any extra honeymoon offers?
The answer is generally yes, but it depends of course on your program category. In our website you can find some extra honeymoon special. For additional information ask our wedding coordinators.

Are there any hidden extras that we should be aware of before we travel?
In all destinations you will need to visit the local Kommune (City-Hall) to complete legal requirements/administration for you wedding. The Danish Federal Government requires a Dkr 500.00 (appx. € 69.00) fee per wedding ceremony for all couples whose permanent residence is not in Denmark. This fee must be paid by you in Denmark at your registration, unless it is stated otherwise. Please be aware that additional charges (such as transportation costs) may be incurred.

What will happen when we arrive in the selected destination?
You will meet with the representative of the local Kommune to discuss all details of the wedding, the location and any other last minute wedding preparations; to register and to pay the fee for the wedding ceremony. A time will be arranged for you to organize the legal formalities required prior to your wedding. This process can take up to 2-3 hours to complete. You will find more information into the Wedding Schedule attached to the information package which you will receive before your departure.

What kind of ceremony is it and where will the weddings take place?
The ceremony is usually a civilian ceremony and will last around 20 minutes, normally in the Town Hall.

Do we need witnesses for our wedding ceremony?
Normally you will need two witnesses. You have to give us their names and addresses in order to be enclosed with the marriage declaration. Don’t worry if you are not able to provide two witnesses, the Kommune officials will be happy to supply you with some. No extra cost.

Can we choose where our ceremony will take place?
No, generally your wedding will take place at the local Kommune (City-Hall), at the time that you will arrange with the representative of the Wedding Office.

Where can we buy flowers for our wedding ceremony?
In almost all destinations you can find wonderful flower shops with wide range of flowers and wedding accessories. Just ask us and you will receive all the necessary information.

Is there a hairdresser available at the hotel?
Not always, but if the hotel does not have its own hairdresser, our wedding coordinator will be able to arrange an appointment with the local hairdresser on your wedding day. Additional charges may be added on top of the cost of the haircut.

Will our marriage certificate be available upon leaving our wedding destination?
Yes, you will receive your marriage certificate immediately after the wedding ceremony. To obtain copies of the marriage certificate you will need to see your solicitor or Notary Republic who can create certify copies for you.

Why do we need to send documents?
This is legally required by Danish Authorities to enable the application for your marriage license to take place.

Can I send copies of the required documents?
Yes, you can send them but all copies must be notarized. All required documents must be translated either in English, German or Danish language.

If I have been previously married do I need proof of my change of name?
If you are divorced and have reverted back to your maiden name, you will need a “Change of Name by deed poll” document from your solicitor to prove this is your legally correct name.

Have you got any special requirements for the documents in case of divorce?
Yes, The Danish Authorities require additional statement from the court stating: “NO APPEAL HAS BEEN MADE OR CAN BE MADE TO A HIGHER COURT” and “THE PARTIES TO THE DIVORCE ARE FREE TO BE REMARRIED”. For the German Divorce Decree it must state: “RECHTSKRÄFTIG”

When do I pay?
Your final balance must be paid no later than 5 working days prior to your wedding date.
A EUR 105 deposit is required to confirm our services. Your wedding coordinator will create a payment plan for you for all progress payments.

We accept the following methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) If you use a Credit Card it will increase the price by 3%
  • Bank Transfer
  • International Money Order, (these may be purchased at most banks and Post Offices) subject to our exchange rate
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