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Danish Wedding by ABC Travel Service

Express Wedding

Express wedding is a program for people who don’t have much time to spend for the wedding or don’t want to spend much time on the honeymoon, perfect for people whose life goes by quickly.

For this program you will need to stay in Denmark just one overnight (the night before your wedding). There is a possibility, of course, to spend your honeymoon night in unforgettable atmosphere. We have a special price for an extra-2nd night in Denmark, for more information ask our Agent. For Express Weddings we are required to give the City Hall your schedule for arrival, because of this we can not offer you our U-drive program.

We need your paper work original or notarized in order to receive an approval from the Danish Authorities (see page „requirements“). Please calculate at least 14 business days for processing the paper work.

Express Wedding Packages

[ RIN0601 ]
[ SON0801 ]
[ SON0802 ]

All Wedding Packages are available on request only. At time of booking a down-payment of EUR 105.00 is required.

Additional € 75.00 is required to process divorce papers, per divorce.

Note: The Danish Government requires a Dkr 500.00 (appx. EUR 69.00) fee per wedding ceremony for all couples whose permanent residence is not in Denmark. This fee must be paid by the couple in Denmark at their registration or for some locations in advance at our office.

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